English Cocker SpanielKennel / Crate: Have a crate prepared for the new puppy. Dogs are den animals and it will be his safe place. Crate training has many benefits, such as house breaking etc. Note: Crates should NEVER be used for punishment.

Puppy Collar and leash: You will want this for the day you pick up the puppy. For safety reasons do not crate your puppy with the collar left on. You may want to have an ID tag created when buying your collar, most pet stores can engrave your contact information onsite.

Water and Food Bowls: Again a must have for the new puppy’s arrival. Ceramic and Stainless steel seem to be more hygienic and easier to keep clean.

Dog Food: Your breeder will normally send you home with a few days sample of the puppy food she was feeding. It’s important to feed a high quality puppy food.

Chew Toys: Puppies love to chew and everything makes its way to their mouths. An ample supply of chew toys serves as a distraction from your toes and the furniture.

English Cocker Spaniel
: Some people recommend using old towels or blankets in the crate with a new puppy until the house training and chewing is mastered. Once ready to purchase there are many different styles and quality out there to choose from.

Pooper Scooper and Bags: Like all babies, puppies poop alot; it’s your job as a responsible dog owner to clean up after your pooch.

Grooming Supplies
: Pin or slicker brush, Toothbrush kit, high quality ear cleaning solution, Nail clippers, Styptic powder (to stop bleeding if you cut the quick)