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Rally Obedience

Rally is a fairly new level of competition in the last few years. The CKC states "The chief objective of rally is to provide a fast-moving and motivational activity that demonstrates a handler and dog's competency in basic obedience exercises without requiring exact precision for success. Dogs in rally events should demonstrate willingness and enjoyment."

Rally exhibitors are allowed to talk to their dogs in the ring, encourage them with praise and petting. Long time obedience exhibitors will recognize some of the rally exercises as traditional "doodling" obedience exercises. Although there are defined requirements for each rally title, rally is generally more relaxed than traditional obedience. Rally is an ideal way to introduce the inexperienced dog to obedience or to give one's obedience dog a bit of break in routine.

Titles in rally are RN (Rally Novice), RA (Rally Advanced), RE (Rally Excellent) and RAE (Rally Advanced Excellent).