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ECSCC Rescue Chair
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The primary purpose of the ECSCC Rescue Program is to rescue any “adoptable” stray, abandoned, or potentially homeless English Cocker Spaniel, especially one that might suffer or die needlessly without our assistance.

The English Cocker Spaniel Club of Canada Rescue Program is a network of regional rescue volunteers from across Canada under the co-ordination of a Rescue Chairperson, and is part of the English Cocker Spaniel Club of Canada.

If a dog can be traced back to the original breeder, the Rescue group will make every effort to contact the breeder to encourage him/her to take back or directly handle the rehoming of the dog; or at least assist with the rehoming effort.

Dogs come into the Rescue Program for various reasons.

  • Family situations can change
  • Sometimes these situations result in their owners not being able to keep their pet despite their good intentions
  • Some may come from shelters
  • Some may have been found as strays
  • Some have been turned over to our program because of a change in family circumstances such as a death, divorce, job transfers, or private owner give-ups
  • Some are surrendered because their owners were not prepared for the needs of an English Cocker Spaniel

Occasionally when a rescue is not available there may be a need to assist in the placement of other dogs in unusual circumstances such as the death of a breeder. Such situations would be evaluated on an individual basis.

As we are looking for committed “forever” homes, Rescue dogs and potential owners are carefully screened and evaluated to ensue the best possible placement for each dog.

In addition, some of the Rescue dogs may have special needs depending on their individual circumstances:

  • They could have special medical needs resulting from injuries received from abuse or neglect
  • They may be older animals that are harder to place due to their age
  • They may have chronic or acute medical problems
  • They may suffer from shyness or timidness as a result of abuse or insufficient socialization

All rescue animals will have a complete physical examination to determine their overall health and/or need for treatment.

Their temperament is also assessed for adoption suitability.