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The English Cocker Spaniel Club of Canada Rescue is more often then not the last refuge for many dogs that come into our care. Each dog is different and their stories just as diverse.

At the ECSCC Rescue we believe in “Happy Endings” and our Rescue Angels work tirelessly with each precious little soul providing love, care and cuddles helping rehabilitate and ready them for their new families and forever homes.

It is because of their dedication and compassion that we are able to share with you stories of success!! We invite you to read through each story and share with us the pride and joy we feel with each “Happy Ending”!!!


Sally needed to be rehomed for her own safety; she'd developed a taste for her neighbour's chickens. Though a healthy, happy girl, she was 10 years old, so finding her forever home was a challenge. The ECSCC and her current owner assessed several possible homes, only for them all to either fall through or not meet Sally's requirements. Amazingly, months later, we eventually found her forever home with the woman who'd originally been promised Sally more than five years previously! Sally was shipped from BC to Ontario and now happily resides with the family she'd been destined for all along.

Julie and Goldie

Julie and Goldie were three year old siblings in need of a new home when their family was returning overseas. Both girls were incredibly shy and fearful, and completely untrained, due to years of neglect. They were also in need of spaying and medical attention for several health issues. Volunteers for the ECSCC Rescue fostered the girls, attended to their health needs, socialized and trained them, in the hopes of making them candidates for adoption. After months of effort and searching the girls both found a home with an experienced new owner, plus a doggie brother to mentor them! Goldie and Julie have both made astounding strides toward happy new lives. They are now able to socialize with new friends, both human and canine, and even enjoy vacations with their family.


Saxon was found as a stray wandering along a highway. He was matted, and had infected teeth and several lumps that needed to be removed. Animal control picked him up and got him the surgery he needed. An ECSCC Rescue volunteer found him at the shelter, took him home herself and worked with the Rescue committee to find him a new home. We estimated Saxon to be approximately 10 years old, but despite his neglected appearance and medical needs he appeared to have once been well loved as he was housebroken, socialized and already new several basic commands. His age didn't prove to be a barrier to adoption as within the week Saxon found his forever home with a retired couple who were specifically looking for a calm older dog.