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The English Cocker Spaniel Club of Canada is the Canadian Kennel Club recognized National breed club for English Cocker Spaniels. Our members are committed to the protection and preservation of the breed, while working tirelessly through events and activities to promote responsible breeding practices, pet ownership and rescue.

Members are dedicated to the ongoing education of the general public as well as those in the fancy on correct breed “Type” as outlined in our breed standard, on ethical breeding practices through the utilization of genetic testing and responsible animal husbandry.

It is the Club's goal to promote the versatility of the English Cocker breed. As much as you will find English Cockers happily taking their place within the family unit and their spot upon the sofa, on any given day, you will find many competing in Conformation, Obedience trials, Rally Obedience trials, Agility, Field events, Hunt tests, Tracking tests, acting as Therapy dogs, and much more.

Whether you are new to the breed and just beginning your research or own or have owned English Cockers in the past, it is our hope that you will find our site an invaluable resource. We encourage you to peruse its pages and welcome any questions or comments you may have.